Hymovis (2x3ml)


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Hymovis (2x3ml)

Buy Hymovis (2x3ml) is intended to provide relief from your osteoarthritis knee pain when simple painkillers, exercise or physical therapy have failed to give you adequate pain relief. HYMOVIS®, a new therapy recently approved by the FDA, is a thick, gel-like solution that acts like a lubricant and shock absorber in the knee joint. For many patients HYMOVIS®injections may provide up to six months of relief from osteoarthritis knee pain.

Hymovis HYADD 4 24mg, 2x3ml is a breakthrough technology in the treatment of osteoarthritis. MO.RE technology (MObile Reticulum): the hyaluronic acid molecules contained in the Hymovis formulation have a unique three-dimensional structure and form a kind of moving mesh (MObile Reticulum), which has the ability to completely restore elasticity and elasticity even after repeated strains.For better more Buy Hymovis (2x3ml) from

HYMOVIS is a sterile, non-pyrogenic hydrogel produced using Hyadd4 (hexadecylamide, highly purified, natural sodium hyaluronate obtained by bacterial fermentation) in an isotonic buffer solution. Buy Hymovis (2x3ml). Due to the high viscosity and elasticity given to it by hexadecylamide sodium hyaluronate, HYMOVIS improves the function of hydration and shock absorption by the synovial fluid, protecting cartilage and soft tissues from mechanical injuries. These properties, together with the prolonged stay of the preparation in the joints, make HYMOVIS bring pain relief and improves the functioning of the joint with short-term treatment.

Main ingredient/ Buy Hymovis (2x3ml)

Hyadd4 (sodium hyaluronate hexadecylamide), 24mg / 3ml. Other ingredients: sodium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, water for injections.For better more Buy Hymovis (2x3ml) from

HYMOVIS is intended for injections only. The product may only be administered by qualified doctors. The treatment cycle includes two injections, one week apart. Because of its viscosity, HYMOVIS should be injected slowly into the affected joint using a suitable sterile needle (18 or 20 G). Aseptic technique and administration techniques should be strictly followed. Avoid treatment in case of visible symptoms of acute inflammation of the joint. In the event of exudate, remove it before injecting HYMOVIS.Buy Hymovis (2x3ml)

HYMOVIS is indicated for the treatment of pain occurring in osteoarthritis and to improve joint mobility by increasing the viscoelasticity of the synovial fluid.

Do not use the product in patients with individual hypersensitivity to its ingredients and in cases of skin infections or diseases near the injection site.


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