Irripod 25 x 20ml


sterile topical saline pods

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Irripod 25 x 20ml

Irripod Sterile Topical Saline Pod Irripod online from and more for your choice.

buy Irripod online Irripod topical saline pod is a sterile solution of 0.9 w/v sodium chloride in purified water, packed in a polyethylene capsule

The squeezable capsule gives the flexibility needed to irrigate simply and effectively, without tissue trauma

Irripod is isotonic, so it will not harm cells. Because each capsule is sterile, self-contained and disposable, there is minimal waste and the risk of cross-contamination is reduced.

How to use:
Snap open the container by twisting off the seal to reveal the nozzle.
Hold firmly in a downward direction and squeeze to apply the solution directly to the area to-

-be irrigated,

-or invert and squeeze gently to deliver the product dropwise.
Do not dilute.

For external use only.
It cannot be use for injection or for use as an enema.
Do not use if the product is not clear.
Do not use if the product has leaked before opening.
For use on one occasion only – discard any leftover product.
Not to be used with other irrigation fluids containing silver, lead, or mercurials.

side effects

Please contact your doctor or medical practitioner to understand more about the side effects of taking Irripod Saline 20ml Irpd.


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