Restylane Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)


Restylane Lidocaine is a sterile, transparent gel made of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic with a concentration of 20 mg/ml.

FDA-approved, it is also hypoallergenic, biocompatible and biodegradable.

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Restylane Lidocaine

Restylane Lidocaine is a sterile, transparent gel made of stabilized non-animal hyaluronic with a concentration of 20 mg/ml.Right now it has been made easy to buy restylane lidocaine online from

FDA-approved, it is also hypoallergenic, biocompatible and biodegradable.

Restylane Lidocaine dermal filler is indicated for filling lines and wrinkles, whilst increasing moisture and lubrication to the skin, which is left feeling younger and more beautiful.  Confidence through beauty is dramatically increased.

As well as the correction of medium to deep wrinkles, Restylane Lidocaine also treats the following indications:

  • Tear Troughs
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Glabellar Frown Lines
  • Smile Lines
  • Marionette Lines

If lines and wrinkles are not on your list of priorities yet, then Restylane Lidocaine is popularly used by millions of women worldwide for lip augmentation alone. What’s great about Restylane Lidocaine is that where-ever you decide to use it, it’s cohesive texture makes it stay in place exactly where it’s meant to after injection. 

Administering Restylane Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)

Packaged as one pre-filled syringe of 1ml.

Should be injected into the deep layer of the dermis using the pre-filled syringe and a 27G½” needle.

Before you buy Restylane Lidocaine online you should make sure that only to be injected into the mid dermis layer of the skin for facial treatments and the mucosa layer for lips. 

If the face has limited soft tissue support and soft tissue in the periorbital area, then injection into the subcutaneous fatty tissue using a cannula accompanied by a 29G½” needle is recommended.

Includes 0.3% of Lidocaine to increase comfort during the dermal filler treatment.

Store between 2℃ and 25℃. Keep away from sunlight.

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How to order

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Offering you the best wholesale prices on Restylane 1 ml with Lidocaine

We are committed to offering you Restylane 1 ml with Lidocaine at the best price by giving you the opportunity to save with our wholesale discounts. Whether you operate a small medical clinic or a larger organization, you can still get Restylane at reduced costs from us. Is your current supplier offering you a lower price? We’ll beat it. Get in touch with us and bring along proof of their price and we will beat it.


Can I buy Restylane 1ml Lidocaine without a medical license?

Not from us or any other reputable and legitimate medical supplier. Only licensed healthcare professionals can buy Restylane 1 ml Lidocaine. But why? This product requires special handling and training for its correct and successful application.


If you are not a healthcare professional but are interested in receiving Restylane injections, talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional you trust. They can point you to a qualified professional who can apply Restylane injections on you safely.

Product Information

Contains Lidocaine allowing you to offer pain free treatments

Wondering what this product is? It is a dermal filler gel that is clear and injectable into the middle layer of skin tissue. The main ingredient in this filler is non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) which comes from fermentation of streptococci bacteria. Its other major ingredient is Lidocaine, a local anesthetic that can help numb the needle pain to make the treatment more comfortable.


Replaces lost hyaluronic acid and stimulates collagen growth

Aging skin can develop wrinkles as it loses its hyaluronic acid, resulting in volume loss within the middle skin layers and loss of support for the top skin layers. When you inject this filler into the middle layer of skin tissue, you replace the lost hyaluronic acid and restore volume to the tissue. This increases support for the top layers of skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid can also stimulate the growth of collagen in skin, leading to greater skin strength and elasticity.


Used in millions of treatments worldwide

RESTYLANE® is one of the most popular dermal filler brands,it has been  used in more than fifteen million treatments around the world. Doctors use it to restore or add volume and definition to the lips or to correct moderate wrinkles.


Expect only minor side effects of  Restylane Lidocaine online

Common side effects could include pain, tenderness, itching, swelling, redness, or discoloration at the injection site. Side effects typically resolve spontaneously within one or two days after application into the skin or within a week after in the lips. Sometimes a patient may notice lumpiness after an injection but this is temporary. About one in every two thousand patients may experience a local hypersensitivity reaction, which could include tenderness, redness, and rarely, acneform papule formation. About one in every fifteen thousand patients could experience rare side effects like urticaria, granuloma, and superficial necrosis. Contraindications include use in patients with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or Lidocaine and use in women who are pregnant or nursing. Because the hyaluronic acid in this filler comes from bacterial fermentation and not from animal or human ingredients, you do not need to administer a skin test before treating your patient. The contents break down gradually within the skin tissue over a few months to leave no trace.


Patients see immediate results

The gel instantly restores volume to the skin tissue, letting your patients see an immediate reduction in the depth of their wrinkles. Clinical trials have shown that this product can reduce the look of wrinkles for about six to twelve months and enhance the lips for about six to nine months.



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